4 Areas In A Kitchen Least Checked

There is no room in a house busier than the kitchen, whether you live alone or as a family. From making a smoothie to deep frying, it remains the center of every self-contained house. For this matter, your kitchen deserves some revamping once in a while to keep it looking fresh. You don’t need to worry about the best way to remodel it when an expert is a phone call away. If you need a professional makeover, Sleek Kitchen Renovations can help you reinvigorate the space.

If you are putting up your house for sale, your kitchen design can attract or chase away potential buyers. There is a myriad of remodeling ideas, but you need one that is worth the cost. Expert renovators know the best hacks to implement and maximize home value.

When considering a kitchen remodel, many homeowners tend to neglect the following areas, yet they require the most upgrades.

1. The Pantry

A well-designed kitchen pantry provides sufficient storage space for tomato sauce, baking staples, grains, legumes, pasta, cereal, nuts, oils, dried fruits, canned goods, and snacks. Depending on your preference, a renovator can help you design a freestanding, walk-in, built-in, or butler-style pantry. You may also choose a combination. The purpose of renovating your pantry is to maximize the kitchen layout and bring together the most used ingredients in one place.

A built-in pantry with drawers is an excellent improvement that will give you more storage space. It enhances accessibility, particularly where a closet pantry is impossible to install. Functional features like pull-out drawers are worth the investment if you are planning a long-term home makeover. If you prefer to keep items behind closed doors, a tucked-away pantry is a perfect option. Tall cabinet doors for deep-shelve pantries are great for hiding jarred and canned goods. You can put your recipes and cookbooks on the open shelving next to the closed-door pantry.

2. Cabinets

If you are serious about restoring a kitchen, then you need to spruce up the look and feel of the furnishings. It would be wise if you seek suggestions for new cabinets, cupboards, and sideboards from an experienced renovator. These places receive so much abuse and it is not uncommon to find loose hinges and screws. Even if you are on a tight budget, you have no reason to keep outdated cabinets. A professional repair can do the trick. A quick repair by an expert can save you significant replacement costs and keep your kitchen safe. Seemingly minor cosmetic accents like crown molding, knobs, and pulls can add sophistication and make a difference.

If you want to invest in new cabinets, opt for high-quality materials. Medium-density fiberboard may be cheap, but its durability is usually questionable. Another low-grade choice is particle board cabinetry with a melamine coat and flat-panel doors. However, cabinet drawers and boxes made of veneered plywood or solid wood frames or with dovetail joints are classic alternatives and they have a longer lifespan. Remember you can request a renovation expert to repaint the cabinets, which will be less expensive than pulling everything down.

3. Countertops

Light countertops are a deal-maker if you want your home to appeal to buyers. Waterfall countertops with mitered edges have a dramatic effect yet are minimalistic and modern. If you fancy a bit of texture and dimension, weathered countertops will match your taste. Add some depth with speckled stone or swirly marble patterns for an illusion of movement. No matter what you choose, ensure it is a lighter hue because darker counters may seem out of date. It is no secret most homebuyers like all-white kitchens which come with an aura of spaciousness.

There are many ways to achieve a lighter countertop look thanks to an extensive array of artificial and natural materials on the market today. Natural countertop materials range from quartzite, marble, limestone, and granite. The latter is the exemplar, regardless of the pattern or grade. Marble is exquisite, aesthetically pleasing, and comes in numerous styles. Its feminine feel fits well into any kitchen theme. The only concern is staining which can be mitigated with a polished finish. Man-made materials are budget-friendly, e.g., quartz, composite, Corian, and laminate.

4. Practical Flooring and Lighting

One of the first areas that people notice immediately whether they are visiting your home or shopping for a home, is the kitchen flooring. You cannot leave this one out when renovating. Tiling is excellent for budget and durability. Replace ceramic tile with moisture-resistant options like porcelain. If warmth is a priority, the luxury vinyl plank would be a realistic solution. The latest techniques make LVP resemble hardwood and you don’t have to worry about water damage or humidity fluctuations. Also, consider engineered planks and hardwood materials such as hickory if your kitchen receives a lot of traffic.

You can get the desired lighting by installing different fixtures in different kitchen areas. LED ceiling lights come highly recommended for saving energy. Add a wow factor with pendant lights above the dining table or kitchen island. Contemporary track lighting or chandelier is okay for ambient light. Don’t forget to add dimmers in the dining area if your family loves to eat together.

There you have the four most worthwhile areas to prioritize during a kitchen upgrade. Do you have an idea that can give your cook area a modern touch? Perhaps you don’t know where to start. Either way, you can count on a professional kitchen renovator to get the best outcomes. Sometimes, subtle changes like changing lighting design and painting cabinets can give your room a fresh appearance. Engage a renovation company today because their solutions will spark instant inspiration for hearty meals every day.