3 ways to make your custom award stand out

Bespoke awards and trophies are a great way of celebrating a company achievement, congratulating a team member or rewarding a period of hard work. They can do a fantastic job of boosting morale and can go a long way to showing a team just how much they are appreciated.

But whether it’s a medal, trophy or award – creating something that is true to the company is important. You want to be presenting something that not only looks good, but feels good, so where do you begin?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, more companies have been opting for virtual events to help raise the spirits of teams and applaud hard work in these testing times. But, for these events to be a success, the need for a stand-out award is paramount.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together just three ways you can create a truly unique custom award that will look the part whether you’re hosting a virtual event or planning something special for when the team returns to the office.

1. Choose an unconventional shape

When you think of a medal, you probably picture a round metal disk. What about a trophy? Do you think of the standard cup with two handles? The truth is that whether you’ve received an award before or not, we all have an idea of what to expect from one. So, if you’re really looking to stand out with your next custom award, why not choose a shape that nobody is expecting?

Whether it’s a sculpture, a star or an oval – moving away from the typical rectangular shape can be a great way to grab the attention of your team and to truly impress the recipient!

2. Choose an unexpected material

Combining materials can achieve great effects. In fact, award manufacturer’s such as EFX specialise in creating custom awards from a wide range of materials including aluminium, recycled plastic, crystal glass and even wood. So, whether you’re looking to be more sustainable or just want something unique, changing up the material is a great way of doing just that!

3. Make it personal

If you’re presenting an award, you will already know who you’re giving it to and what they have done to win it, so why not make your bespoke award personal?

Whilst a standard award is great, nothing quite beats the effect that a personalised custom award can have on the winner. So, whether it’s just their name, a personal message of thanks or an inside joke – opting to make it personal can have such a big impact.

Order your custom award today!

Bespoke awards and custom trophies are an investment that is well worth making after such a difficult year, so why not show your team how much you care by hosting your own ceremony in 2021?

Start by taking a look through the options available at EFX Awards, renowned for high quality and affordability. You can opt for an off-the-shelf trophy or you can get in touch with the team to design something extra special.