3 Types of Squeegees Popular in the Printing Sector Today

Various accessories and tools come useful in the printing sector to complete a printed material. One of these tools squeegees for vinyl application, which come in numerous types including felt and plastic squeegees. These days, you will find different kinds of squeegees or scrapers for vinyl application. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, vinyl is used in banners for marketing your business. It is a well-liked advertising form at a venue to attract huge crowds. Then, why not use squeegees to apply vinyl for banner ads with your vinyl banner printer.

In this article, we will discuss three types of squeegees popular in the printing sector. Read on to learn more. 

1. Felt squeegees 

These tools have one of their edges covered with a felt layer so that an expert could treat the material carefully and effortlessly. Additionally, depending on the material type used, felt squeegees have the potential to adapt to even uneven surfaces. 

These are the most extensively used material used for industrial purposes and large surfaces. When you choose these tools or accessories, it helps in reducing damage to your signs or vinyl. These products are perfect for any kind of vinyl or film making a wrap on a surface, especially smooth media. 

Many people use felt squeegees for car wrapping, especially when vinyl is used in cars as well as windows. 

2. Plastic squeegees

Plastic squeegees help in attaching the adhesive vinyl to a surface that you work on, to be precise. A plastic squeegee is manufactured from first-rate materials like polypropylene and lets high sliding. One of the best features of these materials is that you can mark the four circular corners that help in avoiding damage. Again, you will find these accessories in varied hardness. 

You can use plastic squeegees in different kinds of pressure-oriented applications like vinyl, signs, as well as films to name a few. These materials are hard and flexible to retain their shape for a long time. You can use them for several applications because of their versatile features. 

3. Microfiber squeegees

These materials have industrial use and come with dual benefits. Yes, they have the qualities of both felt edge and plastic squeegees. You can apply more pressure on the material you would like to work on if you choose microfiber squeegees. Besides, these tools smoothly treat the material and have the ability to adapt to various surfaces, even those with irregular lines. 

You can use these products for car wrapping, the material made of the best quality microfiber coating. The superlative quality ensures all the smoothness required to prevent scratching the surface. You will also find microfiber squeegees that come with more flexibility. You need to choose the right squeegee depending on your business needs. 

One of the key benefits of these squeegees is that you can use them dry or wet that ensure more versatility of easy, effortless, and safe work. If you use wet applications, the microfiber will slide even more smoothly. 


Now that you know about the different kinds of squeegees, pick out the one that best suits your needs. Study the features and qualities of the aforementioned products to make an informed decision.