3 Key Points To Consider When Creating A Free Rental Agreement

Do you know there is online softwares to create a free printable basic rental agreement? Such softwares offers various features like attractive templates, 100 % legal agreement, etc. Despite providing multiple features, most lease building softwares is designed in the common interest of landlords. But not all properties are some, and so are the owner’s interests. Therefore, when creating a free rental agreement, never rely only on the provisions the software suggests. This article will help you if you wish to create a perfect free rental agreement favoring your benefits.

Below are the top five essential key points that every landlord must consider when creating a free rental agreement:

Understand The Law

Different states have different laws and regulations regarding property management, rights of tenants and landlords. The first thing you need to do is make yourself familiar with your state’s rules and guidelines. This will help you understand what is all legally compulsory to mention in your free rental agreement and what’s not?

Help Tip- The best source to learn about all the necessary property management, tenant and landlord laws is through online platforms like Google, YouTube, etc. You can read articles on Google or can watch YouTube videos to learn the rental agreement laws. Which platform to use is your choice.

Make Everything Crystal Clear

Many landlords make the mistake of creating a complicated and unclear rental agreement. But those times are gone when tenants simply sign the contracts without reading them. Today, every tenant read the complete agreement very carefully. And in most cases, if you try to confuse or trick a tenant, you may have to face heavy consequences.

Therefore, when using a free lease building software, make sure it produces an easy-to-understand agreement. Your one little mistake in the contract can create a big misunderstanding. That’s why it’s necessary to create a free basic rental agreement that is crystal clear. When you are done writing the terms and conditions, proofread it. Go through every single point and check if everything is clear or not.

Help Tip: You can ask a professional attorney to assist you with creating the agreement. An experienced real estate attorney will let you know if the agreement you created is legally good enough to share with the tenant or not.

Activity Restrictions

This is a significant key point to consider when creating a rental agreement. If you have any code of conduct, highlight it in the contract. From the code of conduct, we mean- certain unique restrictions. For example, if you don’t like loud music or don’t allow it after a particular time, highlight it in your rental agreement. This will give your tenant a clear idea of what he or she can do and what not. In some cases, verbally discuss this with the tenant.

But to be on the safer side, it’s best to keep everything in writing. This way, in the future, the tenant cannot say if they were not aware of the restrictions. In oral agreements, the chances of tenant betrayal are always there. So, when creating a totally free printable lease agreement, keep the restrictions always highlighted.

Help Tip: Don’t mention a full list of your restrictions. This way, you’ll present yourself as a dictator. Mention only the necessary ones like no pets allowed, no music after 10 pm, etc. Obviously, you don’t want the tenant to reject your offer and find another property just because of your over-restricted agreement.

Final Words

These were the top three key points that every landlord must consider when creating a rental agreement. If you know any other tips that can help landlords create a good agreement, share them with us. The comment section is all yours!