3 Collisions That Occur In a Car Crash, And How Does a Lawyer Help You?

The damages incurred in a car accident are much more than what they appear. So when you look at a car accident, you should multiply the damage by three. For example, when a car crashes with an object or another vehicle, you may think that it’s only one Collision, but in reality, 3 collisions occur.

Understanding these 3 types of collisions is crucial because every Collision has its risks and thus causes different damages. In addition to this, knowing about the 3 collisions can also be beneficial if the car accident leads to legal action.

What Are The 3 Collisions That Occur In A Car Crash?

3 types of collisions occur in a traffic collision. Knowing about these collisions and understanding the risks associated with them will allow the person involved in the accident to know how the injuries can occur. A sequence connects these 3 collisions, and every Collision can cause different damages.

First Collision: Vehicle Collision

The first and most visible Collision is when the car crashes with an object or another vehicle. When the car collides with anything, it will abruptly slow down due to the collision forces.

Even though new and advanced cars have safety features like shock-absorbing ability, the humans inside the car are still not fully protected from damage. Although every car accident is unique, some common damages result from a car accident. For example, the driers are vulnerable to injury to the head because, upon Collision, their head hits the roof, steering wheel, and windshield.

This is why the most common injures are to the head and back. Due to bounces of the body here and there upon Collision, the most likely injury you suffer at first is a concussion.

Moreover, your back and spine are also prone to damage due to twisting and irregular movement of the body. You might experience fractures, loss of function, and other injuries to your spinal cord.

Other common injuries include that to your neck. The neck is also one of the most susceptible to Collision. You can experience whiplash, and your neck injuries can be mild or severe depending upon the type of crash.

Second Collision: Human Collision

The second Collision involves the Collision of the human body with the areas around it. Even though the kinetic energy from the first Collision was greatly reduced, the human body is still moving in the same direction, and same speed as the car was traveling before it hit another vehicle or object that brought the car to a halt.

As a result, people in the car will go through movements beyond their control; they will be lifted and dropped, hit areas on the sides, front and back, due to the motion. So seat belts are produced for this one purpose to stop the dangerous movement of people when in an accident. A seat belt can save the lives of the people wearing it.

Humans in a car accidents can also cause serious injuries to other humans when they collide with each other. People in the front seat of a car are often hit by rear-seat passengers as they fly forward with incredible force. Collisions that occur at higher speeds have a greater chance of causing severe or fatal injuries, and vehicle occupant behavior may also influence the results of any given accident.

But without a seat belt, human Collision occurs with the windshield, dashboard, steering wheel, roof, and back seat.

Moreover, loose objects in the car can also cause injury to people. Objects like smartphones, pens, perfumes can fly around, causing injuries. So it is best to keep small objects secure inside bags or compartments and large objects in the trunk.

If you are involved in an accident, then upon the second Collision, you can get injuries to the face, including your teeth and skin. In large and devastating accidents, the body’s pressure on the seat belts can cause collarbone and rib injuries. Seat belts also protect your lower body. Without it, you can suffer from injuries of the knee, legs, and foot when your legs and knees hit the dashboard.

The Third Collision: Internal Collision

The third Collision is called internal Collision because your body may sustain internal and no visible damage. The organs inside the body also move during the crash; they collide with each other and the skeletal system. So there is a risk of damage to the heart, spleen, liver, and other organs, which may be bruised or torn.

This can wreak havoc inside the body and is usually the cause of serious injuries which result in death. Since these injuries are internal and not visible, you should always get a complete medical checkup after a car crash, even if you feel fine.

Internal injuries could be the broken ribs, ruptured spleen, bruised organs, fractured skull, bruised brain, internal bleeding, and more. If these are not treated on time, the internal injuries could become serious and life-threatening.

These injuries take time to surface and show symptoms; this is why survivors of a car crash may not know what damages they have sustained. This makes it imperative to seek immediate medical treatment. Don’t delay medical checkups after a car accident, even if you feel fine. Always get yourself checked by qualified and experienced medical professionals.

Damages That Can Be Recovered After a Car Crash

High-speed collisions can increase the chances of serious and fatal injuries. These injuries can cause significant losses of time and money. The damages that you can recover following a car accident are

  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospitalization bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • And wrongful death


How Does A Lawyer Help You After A Car Crash?

A Houston Car Accident Lawyer can help you in many ways after a car accident caused by another driver’s fault. For example, suppose the negligence of another driver caused your accident.

In that case, you are eligible to get compensated for medical expenses due to your injuries and lost wages because of your hospitalization, pain, and suffering due to trauma and other such expenses. However, despite being eligible, victims settle for settlements that are way less than what they deserve.

This is because they don’t have an experienced lawyer by their side, and the party at fault does not want to give you the full value you deserve unless they know that you are serious and may even go to court.

This makes it necessary for you to hire a lawyer who will evaluate your accident and advice you on the legal options you have, and be able to file a claim to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. With their help, you can avoid settling for less and improve the chances of a successful claim.

An experienced and qualified lawyer will do the following:

Gather Information and Investigate the Contributory Factors

The lawyer’s first task is to gather information about the car accidents in which you were involved. They will go to the accident scene, talk with witnesses, go through police reports, take pictures and videos to gather evidence for your case.

In doing so, they can investigate the contributory factors that led to the car accident. Even if the cause of the crash is not clear, there may be contributory factors like poor road conditions, poor weather, negligence of the driver, vehicle malfunction, etc.

Next, the lawyer will work with the accident reconstruction specialist to understand how the accident happened and what could have caused it.

Find Out the Parties at Fault

By finding out the factors that contributed to the accident, your lawyer will be able to find out the parties at fault. They will then be responsible for compensating you for the damage.

The insurance company of the driver at fault will be liable for compensation. In the case of driving a company vehicle, the vehicle company will also be responsible. When the cause is a vehicle malfunction, then the manufacturer of the vehicle will also be responsible.

Deal and Negotiate With Insurance Companies

If you suffered damages and injuries, you will be in the hospital and cannot do anything to protect your rights. So to avoid this, if you hire a lawyer, they can deal with everything while you recover in the hospital.

The lawyer will deal with insurance companies who will try to minimize the payable amount for your claim to protect them. The party’s insurance company at fault will always offer less than you deserve, and they will hope that you accept the offer and give up your legal rights to sue.

It is advised that you should never accept these types of offers without consulting with a lawyer first. When you have a lawyer by your side, they will negotiate with the insurance company to settle for an amount that is rightly yours.

Calculate the Expenses from the Damages

Your lawyer will assess all the damages and then calculate the present and the future expenses incurred due to the damages. The personal injury lawyer will consult with your doctor to estimate the future expenses depending upon the injuries you sustained.

If future expenses are not kept in mind when filing a claim, you will not get the right compensation needed to recover from injuries completely.


Car accidents can be devastating for the vehicle as well as the passengers in the car. During this overwhelming and confusing time, you should seek the help of an experienced lawyer who will assist you in this difficult time.

Only a lawyer can understand the laws surrounding the claiming process and how to deal with insurance companies to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. Without a lawyer, you will be unable to recover the right amount needed for your recovery. So contact a lawyer today.