18 Clever Betting Tips For Beginners

Concerning novel entertainment activities in America, it is an undisputed fact that sports betting has skyrocketed in popularity over the past four years. Now that US states can pass laws regulating this hobby, over thirty have done so, and many more are exploring this possibility.

Whereas, before 2018 and the repeal of PASPA, online betting without SSN was only available at offshore sites. Today, it’s a reality in multiple US territories. That has made an enormous pool of people enthusiastic about this hobby search for the best sports betting tips on the internet, pieces of advice that will help them turn a profit on their quest for wagering riches.

So, if you are wondering – how can I be successful in betting or what is the most profitable betting strategy, read on to learn this and other secrets that only experienced bettors know. Other nuggets of gold you can expect to absorb are what is the best way to bet online and which bet is easiest to win.

1. Take Advantage of Promotions

Without question, bonuses are the backbone of the online gambling industry. Hence, virtually all internet sportsbooks provide them, and it is wise to snag as many as possible, as they allow you to do some on-the-house wagering. Never pass up the opportunity to use a free bet.

2. Understand That Line Shopping Is Vital

Do not limit yourself to using one sportsbook only because by doing so, you are undercutting your potential profits. Line shopping is simply the process of checking out multiple bookies, looking to find the best odds on a given event so that you do not leave money on the table.

3. Betting Only Favorites Rarely Pays

Favorites carry unfavorable odds. They will not lead to significant payouts. Try to avoid them unless you can track down decent lines.

4. Follow Trustworthy Tipsters

In great detail, tracking the goings-on in every sports and sportsbook is hard. That is why keeping tabs on those who bet professionally is wise. Relying on the advice of those in the know is essential if you are not one of them.

5.  Have a Bankroll Management Plan

Even with all the sports betting tips and tricks in your pocket, wagering on sporting events can be super risky if you get overzealous. Hence, the need for a budget and proper bankroll strategy. The latter includes betting limits.

6. Try to Only Bet on Sports You Know Well

Don’t fall prey to odds for matches/games in sports you do not understand. That can lead to misinformed calls that can cost you.

7. Ignore Your Biases

Your favorite teams are your personal preference. You must remove emotion when betting on sports and strictly see it as a business venture. Make calculated decisions, not ones based on cognitive biases.

8. Do Not Wager More When You Are on a Streak

Discipline is key. If you are on a roll, that does not mean you will remain on one or that your winning chances get any better. Have a plan and stick to it.

9. Don’t Chase Losses

Conversely, when Lady Luck turns her back on you, do not try to bet heavy, hoping to make up for your loss. That is a recipe for disaster.

10. Take It Easy on the Parlays

A parlay is when you tie two or more wagers together on the same bet. If any of them lose, you have lost the entire parlay. Continuously using parlays will cause wild bankroll fluctuations, which is why most pros tend to stay away from them.

11. Pay For a Statistical Service

If you are serious about sports wagering, you must have a robust statistical resource, and you should not be shy about paying for one. However, never pay for tips for sports betting. There is a wealth of them online.

12. Utilize Matched Betting

Also known as back matching, this technique combines free bets and betting exchanges to ensure no-risk gambling. It entails making lay wagers at betting exchange platforms on events you have bet on at gambling sites with free bet promos.

13. Check Out Courtsiding

Here is a cheating tactic mainly used in tennis. It revolves around you getting info from someone at the event you are wagering on, with this information reaching you faster than your chosen sportsbook can update its outcomes/odds.

14. Implement a Staking Plan

A few basic ones that many bettors use are the Kelly criterion, flat staking, and using a % of your actual balance.

15. Keep Decent Records

Tracking your activity in a spreadsheet can help you locate mistakes in approaching this pastime, bad-performing markets, and odds ranges. There is no downside to recordkeeping except lost time.

16. Take Breaks After Substantial Losses

When you have accumulated substantial losses, take a step back and chill.

17. Explore Crypto Bookies

As a rule of thumb, crypto sportsbooks have more generous promos than fiat ones.

18. Don’t Let Betting Ruin Sports

If you are super passionate about sports, maybe you should refrain from betting. Any form of gambling can be nerve-wracking, and it can spoil the fun that watching athletes compete brings you.

To Sum Up

If you are new to sports wagering, keep to single bets, seek to grab promos, and follow what we believe are some of the best sports gambling tips laid out above.

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