10 Ways to Avoid Boring Date Nights

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If you have tried several date nights and become bored with them, you might consider adding a little red-hot spice to your relationship by considering the erotic adventures others are enjoying as they explore their relationships or try free sexting. Whether you like romance or hard-core fun, a visit to an erotica adult store online will allow you to explore the hedonistic side to any relationship. After all, the couple that plays together stays together.

1. Honey Dust massage powder

Honey Dust is an exquisite powder to help keep sweat and chafing to a minimum. For maximum arousal and relaxation, it comes with an authentic sex tickler. The flavors are subtle, so you can enjoy the taste without feeling as if you are licking a bowl of candy. The best part of this gift is that it keeps the skin soft and delicate, which allows for longer massages.

2. Footless tights

Depending on your kink, a pair of footless tights can be just the visual delight to get the evening started. Because the tights are missing the feet, you can enjoy the bare sight of your woman’s feet as she massages your penis with her toes. Throughout the night, she can tickle you until you can barely keep from erupting.

3. Panty vibrator

Because date night starts off in the restaurant, a panty vibrator will allow you to enjoy your meal while she really enjoys hers. The panty vibrator can be slipped into the underwear where it will massage her clitoris. Just about the time the waiter brings desert and she moans with delight, you can bet she is enjoying that chocolate cake. When the waiter asks if she would like seconds, you bet she will.

4. Printed handcuffs

This kinky bedroom staple will allow you to capture your prey and delight him or her with unescapable pleasure. They are comfortable enough for the bedroom or even on the couch during a movie.

5. Restraints for your wrists and ankles

Helplessness can be pleasurable to both parties. In fact, once your partner is chained up, you can start mixing and matching dragon dildos and other fantasy sex toys from fantasydildoes.co.uk for optimal pleasure. If masochism is your kink, you can go watch a movie or two as your lover is chained on the bed. When will you return? He or she will never know.

You can take things a step further and even lock up your partner using a chastity device so they will only feel ‘release’ when you decide.

6. Bondage tape

Bondage tape can help you live out your home-invasion fantasies in which the goal is not to relieve you of your belongings. Instead, you will bring your lover to a peak of sexual release. The bondage tape is black, and it can be applied generously to the wrists and ankles.

7. Rider

If your lover is up for a mechanical bull ride, so to speak, the erotic riding machine will be an unrelenting source of penetration. You can set the speed to gentle and romantic, or you can set it to frantic and insistent. If your lover gets on the chair, she is guaranteed a mind-exploding erotic evening that can keep on going as you masturbate along with her. The game, of course, is seeing who will last longest: you, her, or the chair. Of course, the erotic riding machine will last the longest, a fact you can enjoy each and every date night.

8. Hollow strap-on

For a more intimate date night, you can strap on this hollow, penis-shaped dilldo and ride your lover like never before. In fact, if you have ever pre-maturely ejaculated and ended the evening, this toy is the answer. You will be able to ride her all night, or she can ride you. Moreover, it is a whopping seven inches in length, ensuring you can be the big man for a change.

9. Bed restraints

These bed restraints are designed to restrain your lover’s hands and ankles via the comfort of your own bed. Once in place, your lover will be splayed out before you ready to be eaten, penetrated, or simply massaged. Once splayed out before you, you can turn her into a table by piling on strawberries and whipped topping, which you can feed her at your leisure.

10.  Massage oils

For a more traditional date night, you can use massage oils to give your lover the best massages of her life. Of course, they work for men, too. As you massage your man, you can allow your breasts to tickle their way through the oil until he is both lying on his back and also standing at attention.