10 Outdoor balloon decoration ideas for any celebration

What could be better than an open-air party? Only the pleasure that you get when decorating it!

Even if you don’t have the experience, the combination of latex, led and mylar foil balloons (https://balloons.online/mylar-foil-balloons/), colorful ribbons, garlands, fresh greenery and flowers, and festive stationery installations will help you to create such a beauty that your guests won’t recognize your backyard!

1. Festive Outdoor Arch

Arch is always a centerpiece of your party and cool party backdrops for a photoshoot:
  • a street arch has to have a solid frame; then, it is decorated with balloons, flowers and greenery, bright ribbons of organza and satin;
  • the combination of tiny hearts along both sides of the arch and large round helium balloons looks just great;
  • you can make a rainbow arch without a frame: it has special “tails” that you can tie together to create a magnificent “floating” rainbow;
  • make a tall hut by fastening large tree branches to each other, and decorate it with balloons (just cut off the sharp ends of the branches first), or buy an antique folding screen and decorate it with balloons and white flowers;
  • for a children’s birthday, install inflatable superhero figures next to the arch!

2. Balloon Topiaries

Topiaries will perfectly fit your backyard party since they are wind resistant: usually, they reach up to 8 feet high and are decorated with colored balloons of different sizes, foil fringe, and colorful ribbons.

3. Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands add bright colors and a festive touch, and they are a great way to quickly and easily decorate large spaces. Not a single birthday, bridal shower, or wedding is complete without them!  Also consider festive table and chair covers as well.

4. Main walkway

The central walkway at your party has to look festive! So, inflate your balloons with helium, knot the tails, and tie ends with ribbon cut to about 3 inches long.

Tie ribbon onto hooks and insert them into the ground along the walkway.

5. Decoration of Small Paths Between Locations

The paths that lead to the table or the pool can be decorated with water-filled balloons: just place them along the way. Later, kids can use them to play water gunfight.

You can decorate the paths differently: place helium balloons along the paths at the same distance, and fix them on the ground.

6. Balloon Congratulatory Inscription and Numbers

You can use special stands to install your balloon inscription, or just pull the rope between the trees and hang balloons in the most prominent place in the yard. You can add large number balloons to display the age of the birthday boy.

7. Lighting

If your celebration is scheduled for evening or night, you can use glowing led balloons. To create cozy and even mysterious lighting, pull the ropes around the perimeter of the yard, near the main locations, and along the paths between them, and fix led balloons on ropes.

8. Balloon table decoration

When the balloons are placed right on the table, they can mess up the lunch.  Pin helium balloons (singly or in bundles) to the tablecloth using colorful ropes, or pull ropes over the table and attach air-filled balloons to them, along with greenery, ribbons, garlands, and flowers.

9. Fence decoration

Tie ropes to helium balloons and fix them on the fence or create a long garland of different air-filled balloons, stretch it along the top of the fence, and decorate with colorful fabric ribbons, fresh greenery, and local flowers.

10. Decorating the trees

Use medium-sized air-filled balloons of dark red color: inflate them, tie 2 balloons together, make a couple of leaves using the green paper or cloth, and attach leaves to balloons. Then, hang your “cherries” on the trees!

11. Using balloons outdoors

To make your decorations last longer, it’s more preferable to use Qualatex Bubbles/Deco Bubbles since they perfectly withstand adverse weather conditions.