10 of the Best Men’s Graphic Tees

If you were to have only one fashion item for the rest of your life, let it be mens graphic tees.

These tees are basically wearable art, with each shirt taking on a new life and personality of its own. Featuring classic car brands, comic strip books, musicians or even cartoon characters, graphic t-shirts preserve our culture and let you showcase your interests in a single outfit.

Plus, these graphic t-shirts are great for any occasion, allowing you to wear them for a casual outing or a fun evening out.

The best news is, finding graphic t-shirts that you are personally interested in is easy to do—because they are widely available and there are bound to be ones that are within your budget.

Wearing your favorite graphic t-shirt with jeans and sneakers is the ultimate cool-guy look. And to help you enhance it, even more, we are rounding up the 10 best men’s graphic tees!

1. The Mona Lisa Shirt

Regarded around the world as one of the most recognizable pieces of art, wearing the Mona Lisa on a graphic t-shirt not only shows your cultured side but equally your humorous side. Think about it—people travel all over the world to the Louvre in Paris so that they can see the Mona Lisa framed hanging on a wall. But here you are, wearing that same piece of art on a t-shirt for all to see! The irony in itself makes getting this shirt worth it.

2. Funny dad shirts

Funny dad shirts are great because they add humor and personality to any outfit, making them perfect conversation starters. They allow dads to showcase their unique sense of humor and connect with others in a lighthearted way. Plus, they make for memorable and cherished gifts that celebrate the fun-loving spirit of fatherhood.

3. The Coca Cola Shirt

One of the most identifiable brands in the world is Coca-Cola. The logo has remained timeless throughout the years and makes for a great graphic t-shirt as well. Especially if you are going for more of a retro look for the day, wearing this graphic t-shirt will give you that timeless and effortlessly cool look.

4. The American Flag Shirt

Nothing represents patriotism more so than the American flag. The stars and stripes are recognized around the world and regardless of the political party you support, everyone supports the flag itself! So wear this graphic tee with pride!

5. The Retro Band Shirt

Bands from the ’70s and ’80s will always be cool. And having memorabilia like a t-shirt that has Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin on it shows your more musical side and that you appreciate the classics, regardless of your age. These types of shirts will give you all the nostalgic feelings and may start a conversation with someone else who equally likes the artist on your shirt.

6. The Cartoon Shirt

Wearing a shirt with Spiderman, Looney Tunes or Mickey Mouse is always a good idea. These types of graphic t-shirts bring out our more playful side and keep us young, regardless of how old we actually are. Kids and adults alike will love the fact you are confident enough to wear a cartoon graphic t-shirt.

7. The Car Shirt

Classic car brands like Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Corvette will forever be in style. And are one of the coolest types of graphic t-shirts to wear. Especially if you are a car fanatic yourself, collecting these car graphic t-shirts can become a bit of a pastime and you will likely end up with one for every day of the week.

8. The Luxury Brand Shirt

Sometimes the brand itself makes a t-shirt go from average to luxurious. And also, sometimes it is all we can afford from the brand—and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! A Dolce & Gabbana graphic t-shirt will instantly give you those chic vibes, especially when paired underneath a blazer.

9. The Historic Moment Shirts

Another type of unique graphic t-shirt is one that simply has a photo of a historic moment printed on it. For example, the “Willie Nelson” marathon photo will make anyone who wears it feel like an absolute boss.

10. The College Shirt

Showing off your school pride is always something that is in style, even if you have been alumni for decades. There are lots of awesome vintage graphic t-shirts with college logos and it will bring you back to your glory days whenever you wear that shirt.

11. The Patterned Graphic T-Shirt

Weird and abstract shapes and patterns often are all you need to give a graphic t-shirt that futuristic vibe and take the shirt from standard to stellar. You’ll love how funky and fresh you feel in these t-shirts.

With so many different types of graphic t-shirts to draw inspiration from, you will be able to rock a different one every single day in style.