10 Facts About Pugs You Should Know Before Adopting One

A dog’s dedication and reliability are immeasurable. How lucky are we to have these canine pets as companions. A human and a dog’s bond is the strongest. Due to our busy schedules, it is favorable to have low maintenance dogs at home. A pug is a perfect fit for aspiring pet owners because they are easy to care for and are highly sociable. A pug has an easygoing and affectionate personality.

Pugs are also phenomenal dogs. A dog’s lifelong commitment and devotion are hard to beat. Do not be easily fooled by this little charmer because pugs are among the most intelligent dog breeds. Pugs are one of the friendliest dogs. They are not only cute, but they are good watchdogs as well. They love safeguarding their loved ones and often forget how small they are.

The emotional benefits that dogs supply is astonishing. We should not take them for granted and show them real love as pet owners. Numerous dog breeds are out there, but if you are looking for small-sized dogs and are ideal for small-scale homes, then a pug is perfect for you. Below are some impressive pug facts that would help you be better parents to your fur babies.


Pugs are respectfully low-maintenance dog breeds. These adorable dogs are relatively quick learners. They are observant and smart dogs that would make your life more enjoyable. Pugs are highly adaptable and enjoy going for walks with their pet parents. They are also great cuddlers and require a little exercise. They are good at socializing with other dog breeds. These  pug facts alone should be more than enough for you to consider adopting one. 

Dog Show

As they say, pugs are small but terrible. A pug breed won in the Westminster Dog show, and the proud owner was bursting in tears of joy. Pugs also competed and won in the world dog show. It is impressive how these small-sized dogs can contribute to our happiness. Life has an unexpected way of surprising us, and it is a beautiful experience to acquire. 


It is interesting to know that pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds. Celebrities around the world adore this popular breed. It is no surprise that many of us admire and want to take care of them. They are ideal for homeowners with small spaces. There are many advantages that this dog breed possesses.


A dog’s behavior has a lot of factors. A pug’s temperament is on the right side. They are attentive and playful. As adorable and sweet as they may be, pugs can be triggered. Aggression only happens when dogs feel threatened and provoked. But do not fret because pugs are the most faithful and loyal pal. As they say that dogs are a man’s best friend after all.

Sleeping Hours

Pugs are sleepyheads, and they value rest and sleep more than anything. These cute ones sleep between twelve to fourteen hours. They love to hit the snooze button. The sleeping habits of a dog is essential for its overall health. We need to know that dogs should take daily exercise and have enough sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


These fur babies have a variety of colors. It is fantastic to find out that pugs have black, apricot, fawn, and silver fawn colors. The most common are fawn and black pugs. Each marking is unique and distinct. How endearing it is to see all the different shades of pugs together in one lovely photo.


A pug’s diet is simple. This breed prefers dry food as most small dog breeds do. Like us humans, they eat a variety of food as long as we make it a point to feed them nutritious and balanced meals. Raw meaty bones are suitable for your dog’s teeth. It supports dental health and strengthens their muscles as well. It is important to remember that brushing your dog’s teeth is a necessity. Healthy gums and teeth contribute to overall good health and wellness. 


A dog’s home is where its heart is. Their thin coats prefer not too hot and not too cold temperatures. Often, heat strokes are a common problem with this dog breed. Pugs are versatile, and their bodies will adjust to their climate for several days or months. Pugs like it better indoors. They are the perfect companion for those who live in apartments or small condominium buildings. 


Responsible breeders know that it is best to mate dogs that are not related to each other. A pug’s pregnancy is roughly nine weeks. Pugs belong to dog breeds that do well with natural birth rather than undergoing cesarean section. A healthy female pug can have up to five litters. The pug’s puppies are the most beautiful thing to see. A mother is very protective of its offsprings, and maternal aggression is real.

Life Expectancy

It is intriguing to know that this dog breed’s average lifespan is roughly twelve to fifteen years. The surroundings and lifestyle of a dog play a significant factor in determining its life expectancy. Proper care and diet go a long way. We need to be responsible owners and be keen on your dog’s condition. Senior dogs are the sweetest, and they deserve all the love in the world.

Things We Can Do to Help Dogs

Making a dog’s life better is the most rewarding feeling. Animal cruelty is still existing, and we should do something about it. The decisions that we make as pet owners help create an impact on our world. We need to be responsible and treat them with the utmost respect. We must always remember that dogs make us happy, and therefore we should return the love they give us.