10 Essential Apps for Sports Lovers

If you’re here, we can assume you like sports—nay, love sports. But while this is an admirable, and popular passion, it can be a little difficult to keep up with all the latest news and notes and, well, fun.

Worry not, though. We’ve compiled a list of 10 sports apps you need to have on your mobile device in order to keep your love of the games alive.

1. ESPN: Live Sports & Scores

This is an obvious one. ESPN is North America’s sports-coverage monolith. Though their app can be difficult to navigate when you want to read certain pieces, they’re great at providing sports fans with breaking-news updates. You also have the opportunity to watch live sporting events via the app.

2. Bleacher Report: Sports News

No surprises here, either. Bleacher Report has become the second-hottest destination among sports fans, behind only ESPN. Their app’s interface is fantastic from top to bottom. It’s easy to navigate for written work, they’re the best in the business at providing breaking-news updates, you can customize the alerts you get by your favorite teams, and they’re extremely adept at assembling all the latest highlights.

3. CBS Sports App: Scores and News

Like most other sports-news apps, CBS gives you the option of customizing your feed, so you can get the latest updates on your favorite teams and sports. They’re probably the best in the market, though, when it comes to offering live programs. You have easy access to anything running on one of their many television networks.

4. Yahoo Sports

There isn’t much that differentiates Yahoo Sports from the most popular apps. That’s a good thing! Their push-notification center has gotten better in recent years, and they’re top-notch when it comes to offering you the chance to watch live NFL content.

5. ESPN Fantasy Football

Let’s face it, most sports fans have some semblance of an interest in fantasy sports. And no fantasy sport is more popular than football. ESPN’s fantasy app is better than anything else out there. You’ll get the latest news on available players, along with plenty of advice videos and columns.

6. Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo’s fantasy app is a one-stop shop for all their available fantasy sports, from football to baseball to basketball. Their user interface is a little confusing, but the fantasy stats they have available are second to no one.

7. theScore

The app from theScore has improved on an annual basis. They do a nice job aggregating football scores and football news, but they’re a home run when it comes to monitoring social media for highlights, quotes, breaking news, etc. and then delivering it straight to your notification screen.

8. Fox Sports

This one’s cut from the ESPN and CBS mold. Though Fox Sports isn’t as thorough with its user preferences and breaking news updates, they win us over with easy access to live-streaming sporting events.

9. Sportsbetting.ag

Maybe you’re not a sports bettor. That’s fine. Sportsbetting.ag’s app is for all fans. They keep you up to date with live scores while giving you the option of placing wagers. They even alert customizations similar to those from ESPN, Bleacher Report, et al. That’s a great combination. The app was voted #1 sports betting app for 2018 by CanadaSportsbetting.ca.


Yes, we’re copping out. No, we’re not sorry.Whatever your favorite sport is, the league in question has an app for that. If you’re an avid NFL fan, you need the NFL app. Ditto for the NBA. And MLB. And NHL.